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Release and Contact Information
eNews thumbnail eNews Special Edition - March 30, 2010
pdf icon 1.1 MB

E-mail: cwpcom@water.ca.gov
Fax: 916-651-9289
Postal mail:
     Attn: Paul Massera
     Strategic Water Planning
     Statewide Integrated Water Management
     California Department of Water Resources
     PO Box 942836 , Sacramento , CA 94236-0001

Secretary's Message
thumbnail picture of Secretary Snow
"The strategies outlined in these pages provide the means to manage resources comprehensively; from snowmelt to estuary, from field to tap, and all of the uses within the watershed".

pdf icon 0.2 MB

Video of former Director Snow
giving his address at the Plenary meeting on 10-15-09 (.wmv, 35 MB)

Director's Foreword
thumbnail picture of Director Cowin
"Update 2009 spells out the urgencies that demand action: dealing with longer and more pronounced droughts, increased flood risk, threats to the environment, impaired water bodies, and aging infrastructure".
pdf icon 0.1 MB
Highlights cover thumbnail

An Overview of Update 2009


pdf icon small 3.6 MB
Japanese translation of the Highlights pdf icon small 1.3 MB
Spanish translation of the Highlights pdf icon small 12 MB


Volume 1 - Strategic Plan
Chapter Title
Full: pdf icon small 30 MB
Volume 1 cover thumbnail Volume 1 presents the strategic plan elements of Update 2009 - vision, mission, 7 goals, 10 guiding principles, 13 objectives, 115+ related actions, and 9 cross-cutting recommendations.  It describes current water conditions, challenges, and activities; future uncertainties and climate change impacts; three scenarios for 2050; and a roadmap for improving data and analytical tools needed for integrated water management and sustainability. It incorporates the provisions of the 2009 comprehensive water package legislation, as well as the companion plans or 21 State agencies into the Update 2009 strategies and implementation plan.
pdf icon 0.8 MB
Table of Contents, Credits and Acknowledgements
pdf icon 0.7 MB
pdf icon 4.5 MB
02 Imperative to Act
pdf icon 0.9 MB
03 Companion State Plans
pdf icon 0.9 MB
04 California Water Today
 pdf icon 17.4 MB
05 Managing an Uncertain Future
pdf icon 2.1 MB
06 Integrated Data and Analysis
pdf icon 2.2 MB
07 Implementation Plan
pdf icon 0.9 MB
Volume 2 - Resource Management Strategies
Chapter Title
Full: pdf icon small 20 MB
Volume 2 cover thumbnail Volume 2 describes 27+ resource management strategies that can help meet various Water Plan objectives. Regional managers can mix and match strategies into response packages, crafting them to provide multiple water and resource benefits, diversify their water portfolio, and become more regionally self-sufficient.
0.8 MB
  Table of Contents, Credits and Acknowledgements
pdf icon 0.2 MB
1 Introduction
pdf icon 0.7 MB
Reduce Water Demand
2 Agricultural Water Use Efficiency
pdf icon 1.2 MB
3 Urban Water Use Efficiency
pdf icon 1.0 MB
Improve Operational Efficiency and Transfers
4 Conveyance -- Delta
pdf icon 0.8 MB
5 Conveyance -- Regional / local
pdf icon 0.8 MB
6 System Reoperation
pdf icon 1.0 MB
7 Water Transfers
pdf icon 0.6 MB
Increase Water Supply
8 Conjunctive Management & Groundwater
pdf icon 2.7 MB
9 Desalination
pdf icon 0.8 MB
10 Precipitation Enhancement
pdf icon 0.9 MB
11 Recycled Municipal Water
pdf icon 1.1 MB
12 Surface Storage -- CALFED
pdf icon 0.7 MB
13 Surface Storage -- Regional / Local
pdf icon 0.5 MB
Improve Water Quality
14 Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution
pdf icon 0.9 MB
15 Groundwater and Aquifer Remediation
pdf icon 0.6 MB
16 Matching Water Quality to Use
pdf icon 0.6 MB
17 Pollution Prevention
pdf icon 0.7 MB
18 Salt and Salinity Management
pdf icon 1.9 MB
19 Urban Runoff Management
pdf icon 0.8 MB
Practice Resources Stewardship
20 Agricultural Lands Stewardship
pdf icon 0.9 MB
21 Economic Incentives
(Loans, Grants, and Water Pricing)
pdf icon 0.6 MB
22 Ecosystem Restoration
pdf icon 0.6 MB
23 Forest Management
pdf icon 0.9 MB
24 Land Use Planning and Management
pdf icon 1.1 MB
25 Recharge Areas Protection
pdf icon 0.6 MB
26 Water-dependent Recreation
pdf icon 0.7 MB
27 Watershed Management
pdf icon 0.7 MB
Improve Flood Management
28 Flood Risk Management
pdf icon 0.6 MB  
29 Other Strategies
pdf icon 0.8 MB 

Volume 3 - Regional Reports
Report Title Download
Volume 3 cover thumbnail Volume 3 is a set of 12 regional reports. Each regional booklet includes a water balance summary - water use and water supply - for years 1998 through 2005 and scenario results that project the region's water needs through year 2050 with the use of three alternative future scenarios and 12 climate change scenarios.  
NC North Coast
pdf icon 7.9 MB
SFB San Francisco Bay
pdf icon 6.9 MB
CC Central Coast
pdf icon 8.8 MB
SC South Coast
  pdf icon 21.6 MB
SR Sacramento River
pdf icon 9.2 MB
SJR San Joaquin River
pdf icon 9.3 MB
TL Tulare Lake
  pdf icon 10.2 MB
NL North Lahontan
pdf icon 7.3 MB
SL South Lahontan
pdf icon 8.6 MB
CR Colorado River
pdf icon 5.6 MB
Delta Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta
pdf icon 4.4 MB
MC Mountain Counties
  pdf icon 10.8 MB
Volume 4 - Reference Guide
Art. No.
Article Download
In what is informally called "The Encyclopedia Water Plan," Volume 4 includes over 120 reference articles related to and used in preparing Update 2009, as well as a glossary of terms used throughout the other volumes.  The articles are grouped under 21 topics.
1 A Look Back at Past California Water Plans pdf icon 0.1 MB
2 Process Guide: California Water Plan Update 2009 pdf icon 0.1 MB
3 List of State Companion Plans pdf icon 0.4 MB
4 Progress toward Implementation of Update 2005 Recommendations pdf icon 0.3 MB
5 Testimony of Mark Cowin at Little Hoover Commission pdf icon 0.3 MB
6 Water Allocation, Use and Regulation in California pdf icon 0.1 MB
7 Water Chronology, WEF, 2008
pdf icon 0.1 MB
8 Water Plan Update 2009 Glossary pdf icon 0.2 MB
Climate Change
1 2009 California Climate Adaptation Strategy pdf icon 9.4 MB
2 Accounting For Climate Change pdf icon 0.3 MB
3 Adapting California's Water Management to Climate Change pdf icon 1.1 MB
4 California's Climate Adaption Water Strategy: An Analysis of Implications for Individual and Community Rights and Responsibilities pdf icon 2.1 MB
5 Climate Action Team: Biennial Report pdf icon 3.8 MB
6 Climate Change and California Water Resources: A Survey and Summary of the Literature pdf icon 1.3 MB
7 Climate Change and Water
8 Climate Change Scenarios and Sea Level Rise Estimates pdf icon 3.4 MB
9 Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for California's Water pdf icon 3.3 MB
10 Internalizing Climate Change - Scientific Resource Management and the Climate Change Challenges pdf icon 2.6 MB
11 IRWM Climate Change Document Clearing House pdf icon 0.3 MB
12 Overview of Climate-Change Scenarios being Analyzed (and provided) by the California Climate Action Team pdf icon 0.2 MB
13 Population projections for California climate change scenarios, February 2008 pdf icon 0.1 MB
14 The Future is Now (Summary) pdf icon 2.8 MB
15 The Future is Now: An Update on Climate Change Science Impacts and Response Options for CA pdf icon 7.9 MB
16 The State of Climate Change Science for Water Resources Operations, Planning, and Management pdf icon 3.8 MB
17 USGS Circular 1331
18 Using Future Climate Change Projections pdf icon 3.0 MB
19 WETCAT IPA - Implementing a Public Goods Charge for Water pdf icon 0.7 MB

Crop Water Use

1 ACASA pdf icon 0.2 MB
Calculating California Cropping Patterns in 2050
pdf icon 2.6 MB
Central Valley Crop Classification Processing Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies
pdf icon 0.4 MB
CUP Plus (Consumptive Use Program Plus) Model
pdf icon 0.1 MB
5 Delta Evapotranspiration of Applied Water (DETAW) pdf icon 0.3 MB
6 Definition of Ag and Urban Applied Water Use pdf icon 0.1 MB
Evaporation Research -- A Review and Interpretation
pdf icon 0.3 MB
Evapotranspiration and Relative Contribution by the Soil and the Plant
pdf icon 0.8 MB
Evapotranspiration from a Satellite-Based Surface Energy Balance for the Snake Plain Aquifer in Idaho
pdf icon 0.3 MB

Limits to the Productivity of Water in Crop Production

pdf icon 0.4 MB
Model for Estimating Evaporation and Transpiration from Row Crops
pdf icon 1.9 MB
12 National Weather Service Reference Evapotranspiration Forecast pdf icon 0.1 MB
13 Satellite Imagery Can Support Water Planning in the Central Valley pdf icon 1.7 MB
14 SC- SIMETAW (Simulation of Evapotranspiration of Applied Water) pdf icon 0.2 MB
SIMETAW (Simulation of Evapotranspiration of Applied Water)
pdf icon 0.2 MB
pdf icon 0.7 MB
17 Surface Renewal pdf icon 0.3 MB
18 The Promise of Regulated Deficit Irrigation in California's Orchards and Vineyards pdf icon 0.1 MB
19 Wetland Water Use pdf icon 0.1 MB
Data and Analytical Tools
A Strategic Analysis Framework for Managing Water in California. September 2005
pdf icon 0.2 MB
2 Economic Modeling of Agriculture and Water in California pdf icon 3.3 MB
3 Future Quantitative Analysis for California Water Planning pdf icon 0.1 MB
4 Improving Analytical Procedures Used to Describe Future Water Conditions for the California Water Plan pdf icon 0.1 MB
5 Integrated Scenario Analysis for the 2009 California Water Plan Update pdf icon 7.3 MB
6 Overview: Shared Vision Planning Workshop pdf icon 0.4 MB
7 Recommended Next Steps for Improving Quantitative Information for the California Water Plan pdf icon 0.1 MB
8 Regional and Statewide Water Management Responses to an Uncertain Future pdf icon 0.6 MB
Revised Work Plan for Near Term Quantitative Support
pdf icon 1.5 MB
10 Status Report on Preliminary Operations Simulations to Assess the Effects of Water Resources Challenges and Management Responses pdf icon 3.3 MB
11 Survey of Irrigation Methods in California in 2001 pdf icon 0.3 MB
12 Technical Notes to Survey of Irrigation Methods in California in 2001 pdf icon 1.2 MB
13 Water Management Lessons for California pdf icon 1.8 MB
1 Our Vision for ''The California Delta" [4-page flier] pdf icon 1.0 MB
2 Context Memoranda Summary Report, January 2008, A Support Document (Staff Report) pdf icon 1.0 MB
3 Foundation Concepts and Some Initial Activities to Restore Ecosystem Functions to the California Delta First Draft pdf icon 8.0 MB
4 Glossary of Delta and Suisun Initiatives (Oct 2008) pdf icon 0.2 MB
5 To: John Kirlin, Exec Dir, Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force
Subject: Delta Levees and Ecosystem Function
pdf icon 1.3 MB
Drought 1 Drought Contingency Plan
- Table of Responses to Public Comments
pdf icon 4.5 MB
Economics 1 Comparing Changes in Applied Water Use (working Draft) pdf icon 0.1 MB
2 Comparing Changes in Applied Water Use (spreadsheet) pdf icon 0.1 MB
Energy 1 Energy Requirements for Water Desalination [Figure] pdf icon 0.2 MB
2 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report Committee Report pdf icon 5.6 MB
3 Energy Demands on Water Resources: Report to Congress on the Interdependency of Energy and Water pdf icon 4.7 MB
Environmental Justice 1
Environmental Justice in California Government
pdf icon 2.4 MB
General Plan Guidelines Chapter 2: Sustainable Development and Environmental Justice
pdf icon 0.7 MB
1 A Fresh Perspective for Managing Water in California: Insights from Applying the European Water Framework Directive to the Russian River pdf icon 8.2 MB
2 Applying the Public Trust Doctrine to River Protection pdf icon 0.1 MB
Considering Water Use Efficiency for the Environmental Sector
pdf icon 0.2 MB
4 Flow Recommendations to the State Water Resources Control Board pdf icon 2.4 MB
Improving managed environmental water use: Shasta River flow and temperature modeling [PhD dissertation]
pdf icon 16.8 MB
6 Managed Environmental Water Use Efficiency - Evidence in Practice

pdf icon 1.9 MB

Recommendations Regarding Scenarios and Application of Environmental Water "Demands" in the State Water Plan Update & Quantification of Unmet Environmental Objectives in State Water Plan 2003 Using Actual Flow Data for 1998, 2000, and 2001
pdf icon 0.3 MB
Floods and Flooding 1 2007 California Flood Legislation, Summary pdf icon 1.7 MB
2 2007 California Flood Legislation, Companion Reference pdf icon 1.8 MB
California River Indices
pdf icon 0.2 MB
Frequency of a 100 Year Flood
pdf icon 0.1 MB
Major Floods Since 1950
pdf icon 0.1 MB
CALFED Bay Delta Surface Storage Investigations
Progress Report
pdf icon 4.8 MB
California Reservoir Summary
pdf icon 0.2 MB
California's Major Water Projects
pdf icon 0.1 MB
Landscape Water Use
1 20 x 2020 Water Conservation Plan pdf icon 5.0 MB
2 Urban Landscape Evapotranspiration
pdf icon 0.1 MB
3 Vegetative Assessment in an Urban Environment pdf icon 5.1 MB
Legislation 1 A Handy Guide to the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act 2004 pdf icon 0.2 MB
2 Recent Water, Energy and Related Legislation Bills Chaptered between 2006 and 2009 pdf icon 0.2 MB
3 Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010 pdf icon 4.3 MB
4 The Brown Act: Open Meetings for Local
Legislative Bodies
pdf icon 1.3 MB
Water Package 2009 Factsheet
pdf icon 1.8 MB
Litigation and Law
1 Chronology of Major Litigation Involving The Central Valley Project And The State Water Project pdf icon 1.2 MB
2 Selected Litigation Affecting the Delta pdf icon 0.9 MB
Summary of Significant Litigation 2005 - 2009
pdf icon 0.1 MB
1 "Addressing California's Uncertain Water Future by Coordinating Long-Term Land Use and Water Planning: Is a Water Element in the General Plan the Next Step?" pdf icon 1.6 MB
Collaborative Versus Technocratic Policymaking: California's Statewide Water Plan
pdf icon 3.6 MB
3 Financing Strategies and Guidelines for Funding Water Resource Projects pdf icon 0.1 MB
4 Finding Water for Growth: New Sources, New Tools, New Challenges pdf icon 0.4 MB
Future Food Production and Consumption in California Under Alternative Scenarios
pdf icon 0.2 MB
6 Strategic Planning Guidelines pdf icon 0.5 MB
7 Water for Growth: California's New Frontier
pdf icon 4.5 MB
Sustainability 1 Draft Statistical Compendium to Populate the
Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable Indicator Framework as of Feb 5, 2008
pdf icon 1.5 MB
2 ACWA Environmental and Economic Sustainability Policy Principles pdf icon 0.3 MB
3 Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable Indicator Framework pdf icon 0.3 MB
4 Sustainability Watergroup Memo pdf icon 0.6 MB
5 Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable, March 2010 Report pdf icon 4.0 MB
6 A Time for Changing Values, Ideas and Solutions in Water Management: Addressing Sustainability of California's Communities pdf icon 0.8 MB
Tribal history and consultation
1 2009 California Tribal Water Summit Proceedings pdf icon 10.2 MB
Early California Laws and Policies Related to California Indians
pdf icon 2.3 MB
3 Letter to California Tribal Leader pdf icon 0.3 MB
4 Plenary Topic Table pdf icon 0.1 MB
5 The Federal Tribal Trust Relationship pdf icon 0.3 MB
6 The Doctrine of Reserved Water Rights pdf icon 0.1 MB
Tribal Communication Plan
pdf icon 1.9 MB
Water Quality
California Nonpoint Source Encyclopedia
pdf icon 7.9 MB
California Water Quality, 2009
pdf icon 0.2 MB
3 NRDC - How Greening California Cities Can Address Water Resources and Climate Challenges in the 21st Century. pdf icon 2.4 MB
Water Rights
1 California Water Rights pdf icon 10.2 MB
2 Ch 15 Federal Interests. See 15.12 Indian Reserved Rights (California Water Law and Policy) pdf icon 2.8 MB
3 Federal Reserve Water Rights pdf icon 0.3 MB
Flexibility in the California Water Rights System[.ppt]
pdf icon 0.4 MB
5 Letter to Delta Vision (9-18-07) pdf icon 1.3 MB
6 The Water Rights Process pdf icon 0.5 MB
7 Water Rights: Issues and Perspectives pdf icon 0.8 MB
Volume 5 - Technical Guide

Subject Indexes

Errata Sheet Corrections
The electronic files on this Web site have been corrected, but the printed copies and/or CD-ROM previously distributed have not been corrected.
  • Volume 1, Chapter 4, Figure 4-13 had been too closely cropped, eliminating the title. The title and figure number have been added back in. | Corrected Figure 4-13

  • Volume 3, Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta Regional Report, Figure D-1 had CFS data incorrectly shown as TAF. The correct TAF data is now shown in the figure. | Corrected Figure D-1

For the list below, the electronic files on this Web page and CD-ROM have not been corrected, nor have the printed copies previously distributed. Listed below are figures and/or tables where the source data has been revised. Please, refer to Update 2009's Technical Guide for the corrected data.
  • Highlights: California Water Balance, p. 4
  • Hightlights: Water Balance by Region, p. 5
  • Volume 1, Chapter 4, Figure 4-7, California water balance by year, 1998-2005, p. 4-21
  • Volume 1, Chapter 4, Table 4-2, California water balance summary, 1998-2005, p. 4-22
  • Volume 1, Chapter 4, Figure 4-8, Water balance by region for water year 2005, p. 4-24
  • Volume 3, Regional Reports: NC, SF, CC, SL - Water balance Figure and Table


How do I request a printed copy?

The Final California Water Plan Update 2009 (Bulletin 160) printed report will be available beginning July 2010 through the Department's Publications Office: http://www.water.ca.gov/publications/.

printed copy iconFor printed copies of Bulletin 160-09, The California Water Plan Update,
submit ORDER FORM (, 81 kb) to:

California Department of Water Resources
Attn: Publications Office
P.O. Box 942836
Sacramento, CA 94236-0001
(916) 653-1097


If you need this publication in alternate form, contact the Public Affairs Office, 1-800-272-8869

Please, consider the environment before ordering a hard copy of Update 2009.

Please, specify the printed material you are requesting:

  1. Highlights (includes CD-rom of Volume 1-4 and Tribal Information CD-rom)
  2. Volume 1 - Strategic Plan
  3. Volume 2 - Resource Management Strategies

    Volume 3 includes a set of 10 hydrologic regional reports and 2 areas of interest. Please, let us know which Regional Report/s you are requesting. Each booklet contains a CD-rom of Vol. 1-4.
  4. Volume 3 - North Coast (NC) Regional Report
  5. Volume 3 - San Francisco Bay (SFB) Regional Report
  6. Volume 3 - Central Coast (CC) Regional Report
  7. Volume 3 - South Coast (SC) Regional Report
  8. Volume 3 - Sacramento River (SR) Regional Report
  9. Volume 3 - San Joaquin River (SJR) Regional Report
  10. Volume 3 - Tulare Lake (TL) Regional Report
  11. Volume 3 - North Lahontan (NL) Regional Report
  12. Volume 3 - South Lahontan (SL) Regional Report
  13. Volume 3 - Colorado River (CR) Regional Report
  14. Volume 3 - Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta area
  15. Volume 3 - Mountain Counties area

Hydrologic regions map

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