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Update 2013 Partnering to Expand Regional Approach

The first Regional Forums are underway, initiating a new a new approach to regional outreach for integrated water management. The Forums are sponsored by the Department of Water Resources and developed in cooperation with local entities and organizations. The purpose of the Forums is to gather and share information relating to the California Water Plan, integrated water management, flood planning and water related efforts. This includes collecting feedback on local conditions and priorities that will help inform statewide investments.

Regional stakeholders, as members of the Regional Design Team, assist in planning the respective Forums discussing potential agenda topics and reviewing and refining presentations and handouts. Meeting dates are posted below as the Forums are scheduled. Click on the dates to access the meeting materials, which will be updated as Forums are scheduled throughout the State.

Regional Collaboration emails and Regional Liferay portals information (.pdf)

Fall 2013 Dates:

Previous Forums:

All meeting materials are posted online at http://www.waterplan.water.ca.gov/materials/index.cfm

The Design Team members for the Regional Forums are listed here.

For more information, please contact the Regional Coordinator for your area. Click here for the Regional Coordinators’ contact information.

This new approach is based on stakeholder suggestions to better integrate and coordinate public outreach and engagement for water-related programs, including flood management, and initiatives. Stakeholders also sought more frequent updates on water projects and policy, as well as meeting formats that minimize travel.

Key Elements

  • Place-based discussions within each hydrologic region, using webinar and conference call formats as well as face to face options.
  • Depending on the number of agenda items, meetings are likely to last between two to three hours and focus on briefings and dialog relating to water topics.
  • Up to 4 meetings per year, based on local interest and needs.
  • Design teams, consisting of local and regional interests and stakeholders will (1) help plan the direction and content of the regional meetings and (2) assist with outreach. Each hydrologic region/area will have its own design team.
  • Partnering of local, state, regional, Tribal and Federal entities and other organizations to leverage a dedicated and coordinated approach for outreach and engagement.

Agendas for the regional meetings will be flexible to accommodate items of both statewide and local interest. Examples of what might be covered in regional meetings include:

  • Updates on Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) efforts and activities
  • Finance and investment strategies for regional projects
  • Briefings on statewide water and flood programs and policies
  • Shorter-term planning and implementation priorities that emphasize regionally specific conditions
  • Integration of data and information from IRWM and Urban Water Management Plans (UWMPs)

Consistent with stakeholder desires for better integration across agencies, this approach is being developed with input from multiple sources, including: the Water Plan Update 2013 State Agency Steering Committee; managers of statewide water programs; and inter-agency work teams. Stakeholder input was initially obtained from the Update 2009 Regional Workshops, and the Update 2013 Public Advisory Committee, Tribal Briefing, and Public Workshop.

Update 2009

During Update 2009, the state intends to more fully define and create structures to facilitate implementation of Update 2005 recommendations for Regional Planning.

This requires engaging the right parties, identifying information formats and exchanges, and creating mechanisms for the diverse needs of regions to be elevated into statewide planning.

There are five major efforts to engage regional leadership and provide policy input for statewide planning:

  1. Regional workshops to discuss the Water Plan, share what Water Plan staff hope to receive from the regions and learn initial thoughts of what the regions want from the Water Plan.

  2. Establish ongoing conversations in the Regions regarding regional reports and activities.

  3. Regional Forum (September 2007) to gather delegates of all regions to discuss regional issues that should be considered from a statewide policy perspective. (As an example: Water Transfers or inter-regional interactions such as those involving the Delta and Colorado River .)

  4. Plenary Session (October 2007) that allows all the sectors engaged in water planning to interact and share ideas.

  5. In addition, Regions are encouraged to actively engage with the Statewide Water Analysis Network (SWAN) at the statewide regional and plenary structure.

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Regional Outreach
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