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The Water Plan State Agency Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from State government agencies, is a central feature of the next process to guide subsequent Water Plan Updates, a role DWR had performed with little formal input from other State agencies in the past. The State Agency Steering Committee collaborates to develop a more comprehensive Water Plan Update that strategically integrates California's water supply, water use efficiency, water quality, flood management planning and environmental stewardship, as well as respective agency missions and goals.

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Toggle Image Update 2013 State Agencies on Steering Committee
Toggle Image Update 2013 State Agency Steering Committee documents

Update 2013 State Agency Steering Committee Charter (.pdf, 68 kb) updated 02-14-2012

Toggle Image Update 2009 Steering Committee documents

Steering Committee Charter (.pdf, 52 kb)
Steering Committee Issues and Initiatives (.pdf, 23 kb)
Steering Committee Contacts - (.pdf, 16 kb) revised 12/28/09
State Org Chart with SC Agencies Highlighted (.pdf, 37 kb) revised 07/24/09

Toggle Image Steering Committee Press Releases

October 28, 2010 Press Release (.pdf, 30 kb)
May 10, 2007
Press Release (.pdf, 13 kb)
April 5, 2007 Press Release (.pdf, 14 kb)
March 1, 2007 Press Release (.pdf, 8 kb)

Please, CONTACT US with questions or comments about the State Agency Steering Committee.

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