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The goal of the Tribal Advisory Committee (AC) is to create a forum where California Native American Tribes and organizations can help to develop the material in the California Water Plan Update 2013 and ensure Tribal perspectives on land, water, and culture are included in those materials. Coordination between the Tribal AC, the State Agency Steering Committee, and Federal Agency Network is the next step to developing policy recommendations and strategies that are responsive to the water concerns of California Tribal communities and governments.

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In November 2010, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) extended invitations to Tribes and Tribal organizations to join the Tribal AC.

Update 2013 Tribal Engagement File info
2013 Tribal Water Summit web page
Tribal Advisory Committee Member List
last updated 12/2013
(pdf icon small)
Tribal AC Charter
last updated 08/06/2011
(pdf icon small)
Topic-based Caucuses and Workshops web page
Update 2013 Work Team Leads and Lead Coordinators web page
Tribal Advisory Committee Accomplishments(pdf icon small)  

FINAL California Water Plan Update 2013
Thank you for taking the time providing valuable input. The final document can be viewed here. wedge Webpage

California Water Plan Update 2013 Reference Guide
Documents that may be included in Volume 4 Reference Guide are listed below.  Volume 4 to be released soon. Questions, please email Emily Alejandrino. For additional information, visit Update 2009 Volume 4 - Reference Guide

Documents received to date (10/27/2014):
wedge Resource Strategy (pdf)
wedge18 Unratified Treaties 1851-52 Lexis (pdf)
wedge Map of Unratified CA Treaties (pdf)
wedge Key Laws Regs Matrix (pdf)
wedge Native American Use of Fire (pdf)
wedge Burning Down to the Village (pdf)
wedge Cultural Burn (pdf)
wedge Measuring Worm Saves Falcon (pdf)
wedge Tribal IRWM Study: Final Report (pdf)
wedge TEK article by Ron Goode (pdf)

LINK TO California Water Plan Update 2013 Meetings and Materials

Also, see our meeting schedule for 2012-2013.

Due to State Executive Order B-06-011 Tribal AC meetings shall be in Sacramento, until further notice. Tribes or organizations interested in hosting satellite locations for teleconference/webinar meetings, please contact Emily Alejandrino at (916) 651-9276.
red wedge bullet To subscribe or unsubscribe to the Tribal Listserv, click here.
The California Water Plan maintains a voluntary subscription listserve to distribute Water Plan news and meeting announcements to members and staff of California Native American Tribes, and to share information of possible interest from the Department of Water Resources and other agencies. Please, note the listserv is not a general bulletin board or discussion list.

For additional water-related information from the Department of Water Resources and other agencies, please subscribe to the weekly Water Plan eNews.

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Toggle Image Tribal AC Deliverables
Water Bond Primer - sent 1/24/2014 (pdf icon small)
The primer letter was prepared by the Update 2013 Tribal Advisory Committee. This primer highlights Objective 12: Improve Tribal/State relations and natural resources management.

Tribal Communication Plan
1/14/2014 (pdf icon small)

Tribal AC Legislative Work Group - IRWM Report
This paper was developed by the Update 2013 Tribal Advisory Committee and does not reflect the views of DWR.

Tribal Water Summit 2013
(web page)

Strategic Framework Toolkit (in production)
Toggle Image Resources and Maps
Toggle Image Previous Tribal AC Meetings

red wedge bullet Questions or Comments about Tribal Communication:

Anecita Agustinez
Tribal Policy Advisor
Department of Water Resources
1416  9th Street, Room 1155-C
Sacramento, CA  94236-0001
Phone: 916-653-8726
Email: anecita.agustinez@water.ca.gov

Emily Alejandrino
California Water Plan Tribal Liaison
Department of Water Resources
PO Box 942836
Sacramento, CA 94236-0001
Phone: 916-651-9276
Email: emily.alejandrino@water.ca.gov

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We All Drink from the Same Water
Tribal Water Summit 2013

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