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 California Water Plan
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California Water Plan Water Quality Information

Update 2009 Water Quality Information

Update 2009, Volume 1 - A Framework For Action

  Impaired Water Bodies, Chapter 2 – Imperative to Act, pg. 2-6 (.pdf, 0.9 MB)
  Statewide Water Quality, Chapter 4 – California Water Today, pg. 4-26 (.pdf, 17.4 MB)
  Contamination of Surface and Groundwater Quality, Chapter 4 – California Water Today, pg. 4-40 (.pdf, 17.4 MB)
  Sustainability Indicators, Chapter 5 – Managing an Uncertain Future, pg. 5-18 (.pdf, 2.1 MB)
    Protect Surface Water and Groundwater Quality, Chapter 7 – Implementation Plan, Objective 4, pg. 7-18 (.pdf, 0.9 MB)
  Update 2009, Volume 2 - Resource Management Strategies
Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution (.pdf, 0.9 MB)
  Groundwater-Aquifer Remediation (.pdf, 0.6 MB)
  Matching Quality to Use (.pdf, 0.6 MB)

Pollution Prevention (.pdf, 0.7 MB)


Salt and Salinity Management (.pdf. 1.9 MB)

    Urban Runoff Management (.pdf, 0.8 MB)

Recharge Areas Protection (.pdf, 0.6 MB)

  Update 2009, Volume 3 - Regional Reports: each chapter in this volume has water quality topics, the below article in Volume 4 compiles the information.
  Update 2009, Volume 4 - Reference Guide
  Water Quality Index (.pdf, 0.2 MB)

State and Regional Water Quality Control Board Information

(with the links below you will be leaving the California Water Plan Web site)

State Water Resources Control Board

    SWRCB Basin Plans
    SWRCB Watershed Initiative

SWRCB Watershed Report


SWRCB Impaired Water Bodies – 2010 Integrated Report (Clean Water Act Section 303(d) List / 205(b) Report)

    Citizen’s Guide to Working with the Water Boards

For Water Quality Information call (916) 341-5455 or go online at 

For Water Quality Information pertaining to the Water Plan, contact us.

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